Packaging Audit

At Omaia Pack we offer an evaluation of your existing packaging. This evaluation aims to look at areas where packaging can be economic with cost, material and storage space.

We achieve this by working with you, understanding the finer details of your business and analyzing your overall packaging and distribution process.

Packaging costs can spiral as they move through the supply chain, from raw material to converted product, finished goods to transportation, storage and distribution. However, we want to help minimize your total packaging cost and make your business more profitable and successful.


What areas do we look at when we conduct a packaging audit?

  • Performance packaging – Evaluating your packaging and its required performance levels.
  • Packing line efficiencies – Working with your production team we look at box styles and ease of packing to ensure time associated costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Pack minimalism – Looking at various box sizes and styles currently used, and if these can be reduced to help create more warehouse space and use less material.