About Us

Pack is one of Jordan’s leading independent designers and manufacturers of quality packaging and corrugated products. Whatever your requirements, Omaia Pack can deliver a complete solution, from inspiring design to manufacturing of corrugated packaging, promotional displays and retail ready packaging. 

Our comprehensive and modern manufacturing facility allows us to provide flexible production methods in producing a wide range of custom made and standard cardboard packaging.

Founded in 1996, Omaia Pack was a small independent venture featuring 15 employees and a 10,000 sqm production space. Today, Omaia Pack has grown to employ more than 150 people, collaborating in a 30,000 sqm state-of-the-art facility. We are proud to serve over 250 customers in Jordan and other countries in the Middle East and looking forward to expanding even more.


At Omaia Pack our vision is to lead the way as an independent corrugated packaging manufacturer, however we like to think outside of the box, by providing overall quality driven packaging solutions no matter what the product is. By building long term relationships that are both rewarding and beneficial to all involved, we are dedicated to a culture of uninterrupted development. 

Omaia Pack aims to offer opportunities to all team members in expanding their existing skills, undergoing personal development, and creating a pleasant and great work ethic. We believe this can only be achieved by strengthening our workforce and by making sure they have the skills and confidence they need to succeed. We're always working to improve our business, either by building on our current strengths or investing in new activities.

Our vision emphasizes:

Working with customers to increase their profit by providing smarter solutions.
Continuing to build and develop our skills.
Building on our strengths to lay the foundation for future growth.
Accelerating our innovation and technology initiatives.
Upgrading our systems, processes and procedures.


Our mission is to inspire packaging manufacture by using innovative design, exceeding expectations and following environmental production standards. 
We aim to achieve this by using economic and effective design to provide solid packaging solutions that fulfill and impress. By regularly reviewing our methods and updating methods of production we make sure to keep both up to standard and up-to-date with the latest technologies. To ensure quality we offer support and maintain our resources available and continuously improved for yours and our mutual benefit!  

People make the difference

Industry skills and experience are key to a successful business and here at Omaia Pack we are proud to be known as a true family business, retaining corrugated skills, generation after generation.

The old saying that people are your greatest asset is one we, at Omaia Pack, are happy to endorse. They are the heartbeat of our company and we believe we provide an enjoyable and welcoming place of work. 
The majority of our office staff has been with us since the beginning. We are all committed, hard-working and above all honest with ourselves and our customers. Whilst the hustle and bustle of a busy factory is well looked after by our experienced factory team, our office staff are on hand to answer any queries our customers may have. 
We also ensure skills succession every year by recruiting a number of college graduates from the local area, supporting local communities and ensuring our business consistently meets the highest levels of quality and service.