Eco Friendly Packaging

Cardboard boxes offer greater opportunities than other packaging alternatives for recycling as the box materials come from sustainable sources and have an extremely high recycling rate. At Omaia Pack we offer a variety of recycled materials to our customers to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

At Omaia Pack we aim to be environmentally friendly wherever possible, and inject as much recyclable waste into the recycling chain as we can.  In 2005, we installed a waste extraction system which is linked to our main machines and collects off cuts and waste produced during the manufacturing process. This waste is then fed into our automatic baler and fed back into the corrugated recycling chain. On average we produce 1000 tons of waste per year in half ton bales. That is about 2000 bales created collected and recycled.

In addition to our waste extraction system, in 2014 we installed the ERIDAN THERMOCON system to our corrugator leading to reducing boiler steam pressure from 11 bar to 7 bar hence minimizing our electrical/heat usage carbon footprint and we are continuously looking at ways in which we can improve and reduce emissions even further.