Design and Artwork


At Omaia Pack we use the very latest CADCAM packaging design software (ENGVIEW) and hardware to make your packaging idea becomes a reality. Our in-house design team uses cutting tables and ensures designs and samples for our customers. We are able to offer our design service when undertaking a new project or when changes to an existing packaging design is required. We take into consideration machine limitations and ensure we optimize for the most cost-effective solution available, whilst still providing a packaging solution that is reliable and consistent.

The 3D functionality within the ENGVIEW allows us to fold the design on screen for the following purposes:

  • Artwork check – By importing customer’s artwork onto the design itself and then folding the structure, we are able to check that the artwork supplied accurately matches the design, the correct orientation and that images appear on the desired panels.
  • Finished product view – High-resolution 3D design is achieved instantaneously, which provides the customer with the ability to fold/unfold the design hence better understand how the finished product will look.

The ENGVIEW software enables us to ensure the whole design process is simple, quick and accurate. Using the latest Adobe artwork software we also work with design studios of your choice and are able to provide finished print layouts for approval prior to printing.