Promotional Display and Retail ready packaging

Promotional Display and Retail ready packaging

For over 5 years, Omaia Pack has been a premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality cardboard, POP Displays and Specialty Packaging. This includes counter and floor displays, brochure holders, and pallet displays.

Our in-store benefits from marketing expertise in designing and manufacturing. Our custom corrugated cardboard and point of purchase displays, as well as retail packaging will help your product be seen and stand out above the rest!

Types of displays:

1) Floor Display

Our Floor Displays are our most versatile product displays. Assembly is easy and fast. Because floor displays are free standing, they can be used in a variety of environments.

Customization aside; we create your floor displays around your product using your idea or requirements as a departure point. The goal of the design is to be eye-catching and inspirational. A custom floor display is perfect for special promotions.

2) Counter unit display

These displays are designed to sit on a shelf or counter space. They are typically shelf ready for easy display and are excellent at triggering impulse purchases. Because real estate is so tight in retail environments, counter units are great because they take up little space. We custom make these compact units to fit your product and design them to grab your customer’s attention in the most efficient way possible.

3) Pallet display

When you have large volumes of product our pallet displays fit the bill. There’s little to no assembly required at the retail environment. Heavy- duty displays come in 1/4, 1/2 and full pallets and all pallets sizes can be customized to fit your product. Pallet displays are perfect for your special promotion  to make a big and powerful impact.

4) Retail Packaging (Display boxes)

Retail packaging is designed by our specialists to get your product noticed and out there. There’s a great deal of psychology in retail packaging and we know our stuff. Our goal is to ultimately increase your sales while maintaining true to your vision. Our designs are both eye-catching and functional, built to display on shelves. Trust our display design team to help your product get “picked up!”