High Graphic Printed packaging (Glossy)

Printed packaging  Glossy

With a high percentage of purchasing decisions made in store, growth of high quality and luxury printed packaging continues to increase.

Brand owners are very much aware of the power and quality of litho printed packaging, and how this printing process can result in eye catching photographic quality print, ideal to showcase both their product and brand.

At Omaia Pack we outsource litho printing to our (approved) trade partners, which gives us the flexibility to select the most appropriate press size for your chosen box. Selecting the best press size allows us to offer the most overall cost effective solution for your litho printed packaging requirement. This litho printed, film laminated sheet is then mounted in-house using our litho laminator to the base substrate (such as E, B,C, EB,BC corrugated board) before it is transferred to the die-cutting and gluing stations. By having control and extensive knowledge of the process involved, we are able to provide you luxury and high quality litho printed packaging at the most competitive rates.