National Poultry Company (NPC)

National Poultry Company (NPC)

National Poultry Company (NPC) is a producers of high quality poultry products. Established in 1997, with its continuous development, NPC became the largest and most successful poultry company in Jordan. For a more in-depth look at their products, services and where to find them, visit


We implemented the packaging audit service to better understand National Poultry Company (NPC) project company needs. Our goal was concluded by having a look at the core values of the company itself, as well as the basic specifications: they required high quality food grade approved packaging that could withstand freezing at (-18 degrees Celsius) for storage and shipping.
Here are their core business values that allowed us to better determine our starting point for this project:

•    Quality- accredited and multifaceted, putting the consumer’s well being in first place
•    Marketing- pursuing new strategies to maximize visibility
•    Sales- focal point that constantly adjusts to market demands
•    Distribution- expansion and efficient potential to keep expanding

Our selling points to make sure we met National Poultry Company (NPC) Quality goals was simple. We created 4-corner glued cover & base trays that met and surpassed expectations. Our highest grade quality trays were designed by our team to come up with our best solutions yet, as well as all the necessary extras to make sure distribution goals could also be met, such as reinforcement for freezing, storage and shipping requirements.
Have a look below at our custom designed trays for National Poultry Company (NPC).





Dimension (cm)



Box Type

4-corner tray

4-corner tray


530 gram per square meter

530 gram per square meter

Flute profile



Top layer Paper Type



Bottom layer Paper Type




3 color flexo printed



PE20T to enhance refrigeration properties


By making sure quality, sales and distribution potential were all reflected in our design, we were able to create a durable and efficient package that achieves all of National Poultry Company (NPC) specifications while meeting our own promise of great quality products that deliver satisfaction to our client’s at every step of the project.